Everyone Can Cook Academy

For reservations and class schedule call 254-266-7711

Because of this crazy pandemic, I am finally able to do what I love more than anything, and that is teaching cooking to anyone who wants to learn my style here at “Dianne’s Ranch Diner”. A few years ago, our very famous restaurant on our organic farm was written up in Sunset Magazine as one of the most loved places to go in Oregon. It was my dream come true! Well, my dream has come true again! We are offering “Kids Can Cook” classes and “Everyone Can Cook” classes in our beautiful, commercial Academy Kitchen. The “Everyone Can Cook” classes are the newest fun thing we are doing here at Great American Lone Star Ranch. The thrilled ladies who attended the last few classes loved every minute of it and went home with the understanding that you don’t have to go chef school to be an amazing cook! I will teach you my techniques, and you will learn the art of creating simple, delicious, and amazing recipes while making an unbelievable 4-course meal.

If you have never cooked in your life; we want you. If you are an amazing cook; we want you. If you just want to come and have a fun experience and meet new friends; we want you to come and learn and have a blast. If you would like to bring a child 12 and over, that would be fine. Price is $95 per person.


Call for reservations.


See you then!

We are located at Dianne’s Ranch Diner,

5396 S. US Hwy 281, Stephenville, TX 76401