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Retreats consist of brainstorming ideas for your specific industry and profession, building confidence through learning how not to fear failure, and discovering bold and thoughtful solutions. Dianne believes that there is a simple solution for every problem in life. The joy should be in the searching for the solution not fearing the failure. 

Sometimes the fix is as simple as relaxing under the stars around our fire pit, waking up in the morning for a walk on our ranch, or helping feed and care for over 200 animals. The art of doing things through joy instead of pressure will allow the retreat group to walk away full of ideas with a new outlook on what life holds for them. 

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Corporate Retreats... 

Team building, finding inspiration for new ideas, keeping it truly simple in a relaxing meeting space with delicious food and beautiful 


Family Retreats...

Bring your whole family and learn to love, like, and enjoy each other again while fishing together in our ponds, working with our animals, doing chores on the ranch, cooking together, and talking out old problems.

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Brainstorming Retreats... 

Bring your new business ideas and we can help you and your colleagues develop them. Nothing more exciting than starting a new business or re-thinking your old business.

Art Retreats... 

Want to bring out your inner artist? Dianne's daughter, Alexandra, is a self-taught artist, fearless in her approach to drawing and art. She is an amazing artist and will teach you what she knows and show you that being inspired is one of the most important parts of being good at anything. 

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dianne teaching cooking during retreat

Cooking Retreats... 

Dianne’s department. She has had years of experience performing cooking shows on stage, teaching kids and families how to cook simple healthy and delicious meals. You will love this as a team-building activity, and walk away with the feeling you can cook anything.

Farm Retreats… 

If you ever wanted to have your own farm or ranch, then spend a week or longer and become part of our team. You will learn a little or a lot of animal husbandry including feeding, grooming, training, and medical. You can look through a microscope to identify parasites, trim goat hooves, groom a pony and much more. We even have a backyard farm book you can purchase to take with you. It is a compilation of procedures we have perfected throughout 40 years of experience feeding and caring for our animals.

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Great American team

Team Building Retreats…

This is fun. Let's see how well you all work together when there is some animal chaos: pigs got out, catch that goat, pick those hooves. Plant an herb garden. Learn to weld. Our team of 12 partners are proof that working as a team is the best way to get projects done.  

Leadership Retreats… 

Are you a leader?  Lets find out if you have the skills to be a leader. We have found that leaders rise from the most unexpected places.  To us, leadership is vision, strength of conviction, and most important, follow-through!

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Relax and Renew Retreats…

Don’t do anything but eat, relax, and renew. We have three ponds for fishing, you can take a bike ride on our country road, go sightseeing, or just sit on our deck and look out over the ranch all day.

Girlfriend Retreats… 

”Let’s Talk Chocolate." Cook, learn to crochet, go junkin' at the best trade days, go fly fishing and wine tasting, walk with 25 beautiful ponies and groom them, watch movies in your PJs in our big, cozy living room on our leather couches. Just simple fun.

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Father's and Men's Retreats…

Need to hang with real men? Meet David Linderman and Denver Boyer and the other men that run the ranch. What do they do all day? They fix stuff, build stuff and weld stuff. They even talk about men's stuff. Then fish in our ponds, or hop aboard our pontoon boat on Lake Granbury for a guided fishing adventure. David also builds vintage cars and is a master designer of everything. You need an idea, ask him.

Fly Fishing Retreats...

We have three large ponds full of fish!  You can learn the art of fly fishing from a professional fly fishing guide and even learn how to tie your own flies!

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vintage bikes

Junkin' in the Hood Retreats…

Do you love junkin' as much as we do? Let’s go! We have a large van and will take you and your friends to all the local trade days to buy incredible, collectible, and unique items, and then you can bring them back to the ranch to learn what to do with them. 

For more information or to book a retreat call 541-761-2007

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